Typography will change the world

Just kidding

But seriously, typography is pretty cool. It’s the most important part of print and digital design. Have you ever stopped long enough to realize the internet is mostly made of words. You got bad typography for those words? Your message will be muddled by distracting type. Your brand will have failed. Your design will look wack. If you succeed in getting a good typeface (or a few) for your design and you’re off to a great start.

It’s important because it touches on every aspect of what good design needs to be...

Our Team

fontpair couldn't be what it is without a dope team behind it. We all work part-time on it as a passion project. If you'd like to help out hit us up!

Hayden Mills

Web Designer

Dakota Weatherford

Social Media & Email Marketing

Sydney Mills


Public Metrics

fontpair is an open startup with public metrics — updated daily

fontpair continues to grow 5-10% every year. Currently, we are on track to have 1,000,000 users this year and we are pumped :)

Email subs - 3,120
Instagram followers - 5,010
Twitter followers - 378
Dribbble followers - 33
Pinterest followers - 14
Facebook followers - 747