Here are some frequently asked questions people ask about fontpair...

How do I install Google Fonts and use them on my website?

We wrote a step-by-step article on Medium. Check it out here!

Who chooses the font pairings?

We do. We aggregate font pair suggestions from around the web and also take suggestions through our submissions page. We are working on a way for more creators to be involved in the font pair selection process. Stay tuned.

How often is font pair updated?

Weekly! New pairings are announced on our social media and email newsletter!

What do you plan to do with fontpair in the future?

Our goal is to continue to offer the best Google font pair suggestions on the web. We also hope to grow our social media prescence in order to create a typography community that is welcoming to newbies all the way to professional type designers.

Why do you only offer font pairings for Google Fonts?

Fontpair started as a way to help people pair free, open-source fonts together. Google Fonts is the largest, most accessible typography site on the web. They are continually adding new fonts everyday so we decided to only offer Google Font pairs. The time may come where we start offering Adobe Typekit or other paid pairings but that time is not now.