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Arvo is a geometric slab-serif typeface family suited for screen and print. The family includes 4 cuts: Roman, Italic, Roman Bold, Bold Italic. It is a libre font, first published in Google Fonts. The flavour of the font is rather mixed. It's monolinear-ish, but has a tiny bit of contrast (which increases the legibility a little in Mac OS X.) The name Arvo is a typical Estonian man's name, but is not widely used today. In the Finnish language, Arvo means "number, value, worth." Considering how much programming is involved in hinting, all these meanings are true. In December 2013 Arvo 2.0.1 was released, with support for languages that use the Cyrillic script, the latin script is expanded to Adobe's Glyph List 3, and many truetype hints are improved especially for in smaller sizes (regular cuts start now from 9ppem). Also added PANOSE classification numbers, cleaned up character palette order, and many more smaller bug fixes were made.

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