Bespoke Serif is family of serif fonts intended for use in text sizes: this is a typeface designed for reading. The serifs at the end of the letterforms’ strokes are wedge-shaped. The letterforms themselves feature large and open counterforms, which help maximise the typeface’s legibility. The family includes five weights, ranging from Light through Bold. Each weight has an upright and an italic font on offer. While the characters in the italic fonts are not simply slanted (or oblique) versions of the upright ones, Bespoke Serif’s italic is not entirely cursivised. The lowercase ‘a’ and ‘g’ change the most visibly between the uprights and italics. Their upright forms are double-storied, but in the italic, they become single-storied. The fonts’ numerals are proportionally-spaced oldstyle figures, which harmonise especially well with lowercase letters. Together with Bespoke Sans and Bespoke Sans Stencil, the Bespoke Serif fonts form a proper series that you could call ‘the Bespoke superfamily.’ This is an excellent choice for use in branding, corporate communication, or editorial design. It will get messages across quickly. The fonts in the Bespoke superfamily are a real team effort; they were designed by Jeremie Hornus, Theo Guillard, Morgane Pambrun, Alisa Nowak, and Joachim Vu.